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From America: Formula 1 is growing – Formula 1

From America: Formula 1 is growing – Formula 1

Cadillac posted the image on social media Tuesday evening. © Social Media

General Motors will enter Formula 1 as an engine supplier with the Cadillac brand in the 2028 season.

The American Automobile Company announced this on Tuesday. The drive units are apparently intended to be available to Michael Andretti’s planned team, but whose fate remains unclear. “We are thrilled that our Andretti-Cadillac program is powered by a GM engine,” said GM President Mark Reuss.

“With our extensive experience in the technical and racing fields we are confident that we will build a winning engine for the series and position Andretti Cadillac as a true factory team,” explained Reuss. The company’s move puts Formula 1 management FOM under pressure ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Former racing driver Andretti has already submitted an application to be approved by world governing body FIA to be included in the eleventh team.

FIA president Mohammed bin Sulayem is committed to widening the starting field. “The presence of American cult brands such as Andretti and GM strengthens the long-term sustainability of the sport,” said the former rally driver, according to Instagram. Most of the current Formula 1 racing teams are against a newcomer because it would reduce their share of profits.

Large sums

It is also argued that, given the current values ​​of the teams, splitting the $200 million starting fee between them would not be enough. Under a new basic agreement, which will apply from 2026, the amount applicants will have to pay could be significantly higher.

Michael Andretti, son of Mario Andretti (1978 Formula 1 world champion), said in October that he was still aiming to enter the championship in 2025 and that he had a car with 2023 specifications for wind testing. “Now it’s 2025, it could be 2026, but we’ll see,” he said at the US Grand Prix in Austin.

Michael (left) and Mario Andretti (right) want to join Formula 1. © APA/getty / GREGORY SHAMUS

Formula 1 will introduce new engine regulations in 2026, making GM the seventh manufacturer to do so if it gets Andretti’s approval. Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Audi, Honda and Red Bull/Ford have already committed. GM said development and testing of prototype technology is already underway.

Andretti says he has a deal with Alpine for the engine for the first few seasons until GM joins the company. However, Bruno Faumin, the new team boss at Renault-owned Alpine, recently said the deal was void.

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