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From John Abdyke’s USA: How the Rabbit Works Today

For John Abdyke’s 90th Birthday: American Writer Sharing His Hometown With His Famous Suburban Horror Rabbit. Studying is a tough time today in Pennsylvania. Even Abdigai’s story about a white chauvinist. Precisely because of this: a reading recommendation.

Only Smiley on Ben Street, the main thoroughfare of Reading, emerges as an up-and-coming reader this cold morning. “Of course, rabbit,” Smiley calls, and that call makes the clouds dance in the breathless air. Smiley, actually Eddie Bridges, was born and raised in the mid-50s and small town on the eastern edge of the American Rust Belt. John Abtike’s novel, The Rabbit, starred his friends in the 1970 adaptation of the movie Run.

They threw hoops at a playground with a Hollywood star impersonating former high school basketball champion Harry Angstrom. But Bobby does not remember the name of the actor.

Unfortunately, the city that existed in the 1970s is no more, says Smiley. Back then, it was the best place to live. Today, the pawnbrokers’ signs at the center announce that “we buy and sell anything.” In 2011, Reading was officially the poorest small city in the United States, with a poverty rate of over 41 percent. The “New York Times“He traveled for a statement and wrote: Now you know how poor you are here.

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“This part of the rabbit”