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From ORF star to executioner Herbert Kickell

From ORF star to executioner Herbert Kickell

Former Romey Marie Award winner Christine Giuliani played a leading role at the start of the year for FPÖ. What is the former “Bingo” woman doing at Blau?

Vera Ruswurm caused a sometimes heated debate last week, far beyond the borders of Lower Austria: because the eminent ORF– The moderator ran the beginning of the election campaign of the ÖVP there, and it was criticized, even the Red Foundation Committee spoke out in favor of banning the external moderation of ORF celebrities. In response to criticism, it has sometimes been argued that Ruswurm was not employed by ORF and, moreover, was only in the entertainment business.

ÖVP not only relies on well-known TV faces, in FPÖ a former TV star recently played an exposed role: at the New Year’s Eve of FPÖ in Wiener Neustadt last weekend, Marie-Christine Giuliani, former presenter of “Bingo”, “The Wheel of a Million” and other Far-reaching performances, whip to party leaders Herbert Kickel, and forcefully: “He’s the rock in navigating Austrian domestic politics, he’s the one we want as a federal chancellor, I want to hear that now!” The immediate past speaker, Cyclos, shouted in front of the blue crowd. The answer was unequivocal: “Herbert, Herbert, Herbert!” Giuliani: “That’s right!”

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