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The developers hint at what they are working on after update 4

From Secret Changes and Notice of Season 1

from Michael Misculin
The new update 4.0 was recently released for Battlefield 2042. In addition to the official patch changes, secret mods have also crept into the update. The community has now compiled a list of these changes. The new update also contains the first indications of the start of the first season.

For Battlefield 2042 recently, this is Major update 4.0 appeared, which makes various tweaks to the gameplay and fixes bugs. However, many DICE updates often contain hidden changes that are not mentioned in the change logs. Update 4.0 is no exception here either.

Battlefield 2042: Secret large-scale changes

The Battlefield 2042 community compared the game to the posted changelog 4.0 and made a list of some additional changes. The mods are quite extensive and consist of gameplay changes to weapons, general graphics improvements and other tweaks that were already meant to be included in the patch notes. You can check out this list of secret changes here reddit Read.

Battlefield 2042: The developers hint at what they’re working on after Update 4

While DICE and Electronic Arts continue to try to bring Battlefield 2042 With updates, the community is still waiting for the first season to start. This had to be pushed back to the summer, but the developers have yet to set an exact start date. However, data experts have now found a hint of the start of Season 1 in Update 4.0. Accordingly, the first season should begin in June. Dataminer “temporyal” has been able to discover eight more weekly challenges in the update that will end on June 16, 2022. It is on this exact date that Battlefield 2042’s first official season could begin.

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