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From the archive: Petra Morzi

From the archive: Petra Morzi

From the archive: Petra Morzi

The acclaimed and versatile Austrian stage and film actress and theater director Emmy Werner sits down with Christian Reichhold and Regina Nasiri and talks about her career so far.

Petra Morzi was a member of the troupe of the Burgtheater in Vienna and appeared in films such as “Lou Andreas-Salomé” and “Nordwand.” She completed her acting training at the University of Graz and played in almost all the major theaters in Austria, such as the Volkstheater, Der Josefstadttheater, Vienna Burgtheater, as well as at the Salzburg Festival and the Reichenau Festival. She was born in Klagenfurt, the daughter of a painter and sculptor, and spent her childhood in Weinviertel. Since the late 1980s, Petra Morzi has also appeared in numerous film and television productions. For her work as a radio play speaker, she was named “Actress of the Year” by the ORF radio play jury in 2014. In 2004, Petra Murzi was nominated for the Nestroy Theater Award as “Best Actress” for the role of Genia in “The Wide Land”, followed by nominations for Rumi In 2006 and 2009.

Television viewers also know the Castle actress as columnist Polly Adler from the television comedy Polly Adler – A Woman Who Sees Pink and the subsequent TV series. She was seen in cinema in Götz Spielmann's award-winning episodic drama “Antares. Love Studies”.

She has also appeared in films such as Daniel Proscar's children's film “Karo and the Dear God” (2006), Sabine Derflinger's drama “42plus” (2007), Philipp Stölzl's mountain drama “Nordwand” (2008) and Jessica Hausner's award-winning pilgrimage film. “Lord” (2009) with. In Christoph Starck's biopic “Tabo – The Soul is a Stranger on Earth” (2011), Petra Morzi played the mother of the poet Georg Trakl.

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