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From the archive: Sky du Mont – ORF III

From the archive: Sky du Mont – ORF III

The latest installment in the From the Archive series revolves around actor, voice actor and author Skye Du Mont.
“It's all about charisma for the actor,” Argentine-born Caetano Nevin du Monte says on Culturehouse Radio. This is especially true of himself. As a theater and film actor, he is one of the most famous faces in cinema and television. Audiences love him for his roles as an irresistible heartbreaker, a gentleman, and a self-deprecating villain. Skye has made it to Hollywood in her career. The charming stage and film actor reflects on his international career with Christian Reichhold and Regina Nazaré. Sky du Mont describes the collaboration with Hollywood director Stanley Kubrick on the feature film “Eyes Wide Shut” modestly and openly. As the suspicious villain Santa Maria in Polly Herbig's Manitou's Shoes, he wrote the history of German film and television with eloquent one-liners full of humour. It's about his favorite roles and film partners, his plans for the future, and the question of why he moved from Germany to Sankt Pölten. Numerous excerpts from the ORF archive show the German actor's extremely wide artistic range.


Regina Nazarene


Christian Reichhold

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