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From the heart of the galaxy: Researchers discover an unusual radio signal

From the heart of the galaxy: Researchers discover an unusual radio signal

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Student Ziteng Wang picked up “unusual signals” from the center of our galaxy. The radio wave pattern does not fit into any known object type. Researchers will monitor the object to determine the source.

Astronomers have strange signs DiscoverComing from the direction of the center of the Milky Way. The signals do not match any pattern from known radio sources and could indicate a new type of astronomical object.

The strangest quality of the new signal is its high polarization. Its light only oscillates in one direction, but that direction rotates over time,” says lead author of the study on the signal, Ziteng Wang of the University of Sydney. The brightness of the object also fluctuates dramatically by a factor of 100 and the signal is not turned on or off according to any recognizable pattern. We have never seen anything like it before.”

At first, researchers thought the primary object could be a pulsar. With this type of orbs, the brightness also varies greatly over time. Another possibility was an object with intense solar flares. But the pattern did not match one or the other.

The object labeled “ASKAP J173608.2-321635” was made using the Western Australian Askap Radio Telescope based on its radio signature. Discover And then using the South African Meerkat telescope check up. Researchers will continue to monitor it to find clues about the astronomical object that is sending out radio waves.
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