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Fun for those who have experienced frustration: Elden Ring – Shadow of the Erdtree

Fun for those who have experienced frustration: Elden Ring – Shadow of the Erdtree

It’s been two years since From Software released Elden Ring. The Soulslike game differs from previous titles in the Souls series in its large open world. This makes the title more accessible than the Dark Souls games, where you can usually avoid difficult opponents. Now, Shadow of the Erdtree, the first and only downloadable content (DLC), has been released.

The expansion received critical acclaim. Shadow of the Erdtree achieved an overall score of 95. Metascore. On Metacritic the user score is not less than 8.1. steam However, the title faced negative reviews. The reason for this is that many fans complained that the difficulty level was too high, even compared to the main game. The reviews have now recovered. Developer From Software has already rolled out a patch that has improved the difficulty. It’s time to take a closer look at the title.

What is the theme of Elden Ring?

This simple question is not easy to answer. In short and as roughly as possible: The player takes on the role of a so-called Tainted One. He returns to the intermediate lands to become the new ruler, the Lord of Elden. Previously, the Elden Ring that bears his name was destroyed and the country plunged into chaos.

There are over 200 bosses and several hundred hours of gameplay between the player's goal of ascending to the throne. The story is very complex and anyone interested in the background will find it Youtube Several more hours of traditional video. Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki brought a prominent support to the Middle-earth story. None other than George R.R. Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, is responsible for the lore and the world behind it.

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