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G7 summit: G7 participants make jokes about Putin's macho behavior

G7 summit: G7 participants make jokes about Putin’s macho behavior

At the beginning of their deliberations, heads of state and government at the G7 summit made jokes about Russian President Vladimir Putin, who likes to appear shirtless. Sunday’s first working session at Schloss Elmau was initially only on the question of whether participants should take their jackets off in the summer temperatures.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked while photographers were still in the room: “The jackets? Then Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested waiting for the official photo of the tour. But Johnson insisted: “We have to show that we are stronger than Putin.”

Trudeau shared and joked that the group should be photographed “riding shirtless,” as Putin did in 2009. Without seeming to delve into the issue of clothing, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, an avid racer, said: “Riding is the best.” “.

But Johnson did not give up and demanded: “We have to show them the abs.” Then the committee left their jackets off until the paparazzi had to leave the room – and the end of the clothing debate remained dark behind closed doors. After the session, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz appeared in front of the cameras without a tie but in a jacket.

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