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Galhuber: 'It was clear, I'm going to keep fighting'

Galhuber: ‘It was clear, I’m going to keep fighting’ Katharina Galhuber Four weeks after her cruciate ligament rupture in Argentina, first question: How are you?

Katharina Galhuber: Good so far. The knee is healing, and rehabilitation is going according to plan so far. Currently there is a lot of lymphatic drainage and a lot of passive movement in the program. I have to use crutches for a relatively long time, but I’m already in a very positive mood. Of course, the whole thing was a slap in the face. The 40 hour return flight from Argentina was very long. But from the moment Dr. Fink told me the operation went well, I looked forward again. Let’s get back to the action. Can you describe exactly how it happened?

Galhuber: It was a pretty amazing fall during slalom training. I must have gotten on my sled. Lift this skate tips and tighten my feet. I fell backwards and lost my balance in the process. I turned around and realized that something wasn’t right. I have ruptured my cruciate ligament for the second time now. This is one of the worst injuries, especially for a skater. What is going on in your head?

Galhuber: I am a positive person by nature. I thought it might not be tragic. Unfortunately, a cruciate ligament rupture has come true. That was of course very difficult for me. I had big visions and goals for the winter. This is World Cup season after all. During the preparations I noticed that there were a lot of things that happened and then it was over within five seconds. But my whole team and family support and trust me. It was clear to me that I would continue to fight.


On the way back, physical therapy is currently on the Gallhuber program What is the medium to long-term strategy?

Galhuber: I’m now home in Göstling for four weeks of rehab. Then I came to Physio Center Igls near Innsbruck for three weeks. I had good experiences there when I ruptured my first cruciate ligament. Then I’ll get off the crutches. Then I drive to the rehabilitation base in ÖSV Bad Hofgastein. We’ll see with the ÖSV coach there. You can read “Coming Stronger” in one of the posts. How much fire is still burning in you?

Galhuber: My goal hasn’t changed drastically. There was only a detour. Of course I still have a long way to go, but I also see that as a positive. I have plenty of time until next winter and this will relieve a lot of stress. The fire inside me caught fire. I also like to take the time to develop – personally, mentally and physically. Then I will be really fit for next season.

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