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Gas emergency can be avoided in Germany

Gas emergency can be avoided in Germany

The German Federal Network Agency considers it possible, under certain conditions, to avoid a gas emergency in the coming winter. This comes from the agency’s latest catalog of scenarios, which was published on Monday.

One variant describes the measures needed from the authority’s point of view, assuming that the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline will continue to be in use at only 20 percent of its maximum capacity until June 2023, as is currently the case. In order to prevent gas shortages in the coming winter, in addition to reducing consumption by 20 percent, it will also be necessary to reduce the volume of transport to neighboring countries by 20 percent.

the details

If German gas storage facilities are also set to be 40 percent full by February 1 and supply will be secured for next winter, the model also means that LNG import capacities must be increased, for example. According to the federal government, the first LNG terminals should come online as early as next winter.

In the event of a so-called shortage of gas, demand exceeds supply. After declaring the highest level of risk in the gas emergency plan, under current rules, the Federal Network Agency will allocate still available natural gas as needed.

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