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Gas ultimatum to Vladimir Putin expires

Gas ultimatum to Vladimir Putin expires

On Thursday, Moscow wants to explain how the West should pay for gas in rubles in the future. If he doesn’t, the delivery stop threatens. Europe is fighting and hoping for a trick. But companies are preparing for emergencies.

Vienna. No one will deliver gas for free. With these words, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov summed up Moscow’s view on Tuesday in the escalating conflict over payment for gas supplies to Europe. He was even clearer Monday night on PBS: “No payments – no gas.” This was the Kremlin’s reaction to the decision st 7unwillingness to comply with the Kremlin’s demand for payment in rubles, The Daily Press reported.

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A week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised by declaring that “unfriendly countries” (which European Union counts) to pay the gas supply in rubles in the future. On the other hand, this should increase the demand for the ruble and strengthen the exchange rate of the Russian currency. On the other hand, Russia can also increase pressure to break technological sanctions. If the Russian Central Bank does not make the ruble available for exchange, the only way for the West to get it is to deliver the goods.
So Europe will have to circumvent its sanctions. So the request was rejected by the G7, which also includes Germany, France and Italy.

According to German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, payment in rubles is “unacceptable”. In Austria, one still hesitates. “Current contracts do not provide for payment in rubles, Russia will unilaterally disintegrate them,” the Federal Chancellor said upon request. At the same time, Austria also wanted to “do everything in its power to ensure gas supplies”. What we need is a European line, ‘We don’t go alone’. Bavarian Deputy Prime Minister Hubert Ewinger, in an interview with “Press”, explained that there are also different opinions in Germany: “Either I need gas, I have to pay for it in any currency. Or I don’t need it, then I don’t have to spend euros and dollars. on him “.

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