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George Floyd’s family gets $ 27 million in compensation – VG

Authorities in Minneapolis are settling a compensation case after the death of George Floyd when he was arrested in May last year by the New York / OSLO (VG).


The family will receive $ 27 million or 227 million Norwegian kroner in compensation, Reuters reported.

The family has already pledged 500 500,000 to businesses in the neighborhood where George Floyd was arrested.

Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump says this is the most comprehensive solution in a civil case before a criminal case is concluded.

DREPT: George Floyd. Photo: Christopher Harris / Christopher Harris

George Floyd, 46, an African-American, died in custody when he was shot dead by a white police officer. He pressed his knee against his neck for almost eight minutes, May 25 last year.

The murder led to the key Demonstrations and riots against police violence against blacks in the United States And in many countries, Including Norway.

Thanks to everyone who demonstrated

Says Rodney Floyd, one of Floyd’s brothers New York Times It is necessary to find a solution to put the case behind you.

– For those who know him, George ‘s memory will always be his hope that things can be done better, and we hope this solution does just that, making things a little better in Minneapolis and shedding light on the surrounding communities., Brother says.

Another brother of George Floyd, Pilonis Floyd, told a news conference with family on Friday night that he would return all the money if he could get his brother back.

– I miss my brother, but he has made a movement. I would like to thank all the protesters who stood up for the cause. Especially in the midst of an epidemic. You risk your life. I can’t say anything to say thank you enough.

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Minneapolis City Councilwoman Lisa Bender said in a statement that it’s family stories that are important now.

– But on behalf of the City Council, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to George Floyd’s family, his friends, and everyone in our community who mourned his loss, says Bender.

Demonstration: A person holds an identification with George Floyd’s name during a demonstration in Minneapolis, Minnesota in May. Photo: Thomas Nilsson / VG

– Shows that black has meaning to life

At the press conference, Ben Crump thanked local authorities in Minneapolis for reacting to what he believes is a situation where a black man is now being tortured.

– Not only does the city say they care about George Floyd, but we think they are very grateful that they care. Not only do they say black life has meaning, they show that black life has meaning. They show responsible leadership, the lawyer says.

However, he says nothing can change the loss of the family.

Crump says what happened in May last year was “a turning point for America,” and that George Floyd was going to change the world.

Demonstrations: Police fired tear gas at protesters in Minneapolis in May last year. Photo: Thomas Nilsson

Thanks family

Mayor Jacob Frey used the press conference to praise George Floyd’s family and to pay great tribute to how blacks in Minneapolis and the United States in general have spent time after their lost struggle to make things better.

– Our black communities have suffered a major setback this year. None other than the family of George Floyd. I want to thank them for their votes that pushed us to move forward. In the midst of a huge loss, they have really helped create an opportunity to make a difference, Frey said.

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He believes today’s solution shows that they and the city are serious about the need for change.

‘They kill me. They are killing me

When arrested, Floyd was handcuffed and told several times that he was not allowed to breathe.

But while his body was completely relaxed, Derek lifted his knees pressed against Chloe’s Floyd’s neck.

In a video from this incident, you can hear Floyd say, “They kill me.” They kill me.

He was later arrested by Suv Accused of careless murder. Later, the charge was extended to premeditated murder The other three police officers were charged with complicity in a premeditated murder.

The test began

The compensation lawsuit against the officers, Floyd’s family has now reached a settlement and has been awarded $ 27 million in compensation, should not be confused with the investigation into Derek Suev, which began with a jury selection this week.

On Thursday, it was revealed that the charge against the police officer has been extended to apply to another type of negligent murder known as tertiary murder.

The extension of the legal experts will provide additional opportunities for the arbitral tribunal to convict Suu Kyi of murder.