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Georgia election fraud trial: Trump celebrates more success with stalling tactics

Georgia election fraud trial: Trump celebrates more success with stalling tactics

Voter fraud trial in Georgia
Trump celebrates further success with stalling tactics

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In total, Trump faces four criminal cases, but only one trial against the former president has begun so far. In two cases, the 77-year-old is betting on time before the presidential election in the fall – and successfully.

More legal success for former President Donald Trump: The Court of Appeal will deal with the question of whether the lead plaintiff in the election fraud case against Trump in the US state of Georgia can continue her investigations. The court in Atlanta announced that it would approve Trump's request. This is likely to delay the potential start of the trial.

In March, the court ruled that prosecutor Fanny Willis did not need to be removed from the case. The evidence presented by the other side was not sufficient to prove that Willis had a conflict of interest, the responsible judge, Scott McAfee, ruled.

Trump and several others face charges in Georgia over their attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state. The Republican lost to Democrat Joe Biden at the time. Trump is accused of later trying to change the election results by, among other things, pressuring political leaders at the federal level and in states like Georgia.

The prosecutor is in focus

Proceedings in Georgia recently have centered on Attorney General Willis. Trump's lawyers accused her and other defendants of improperly benefiting financially from a relationship with another prosecutor in the case. The allegation was that District Attorney Nathan Wade was overpaid in office and invited the Willis on luxury vacations together. Willis refused. Judge McAfee ruled there was an “appearance of impropriety” in the relationship and it needed to be addressed. Wade then withdrew from the proceedings.

It is unclear when the Georgia Court of Appeals will make a decision. This can then be appealed to the state Supreme Court. If Willis is removed from the case, the proceedings could collapse.

Trump was able to achieve a legal success on Tuesday. In the case surrounding the taking of secret government documents, the official start of the trial against him in Florida has been postponed indefinitely. In total, Trump faces four criminal cases – in addition to the cases in Georgia and Florida, there is another ongoing election fraud case in Washington, D.C., and a secret money case in New York. This is the only trial against Trump that has officially begun so far.

Trump has been sitting in the courtroom for hours on a regular basis for weeks. He certainly wants to avoid this in the heated phase of the election campaign. After the US presidential elections in November, he wants to move to the White House again.

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