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German Bundesliga: LASK's home defeat against Hartberg

German Bundesliga: LASK’s home defeat against Hartberg

After their second defeat of the season, Upper Austria remained third in the table with 19 points, while the Styrs have now overtaken the Altach to tenth place with ten points. Another game away from home awaits coach Klaus Schmidt’s team in the next round, namely in Altach, while the LASK team travels to Klagenfurt, Austria.

LASK coach Kohbauer had no reason to change his starting lineup after his team’s strong performance a week ago against champions Salzburg (1-1). There was only one change for Hartburgers compared to the 2:3 defeat at home against Austria Klagenfurt, injured Philip Storm in the attacking midfield was replaced by Okan Aydin.

Hartberg Surprises in LASK

LASK continued its negative streak in the Bundesliga. The eleventh coach, Dietmar Koebauer, unexpectedly lost the match at home in Basching against Hartberg, with a score of 0: 3.

Hosts are one in half

After a short starting period, in front of 4,500 fans at the Raiffeisen Arena in Pasching, the residents of Linz gained a clear advantage and increased their chances. Hartberg goalkeeper Rene Sweet first saved with his foot defense against Marin Ljubicic (4′), then Sacha Horvath put the ball on the outside post after a great combination through Rene Renner and Peter Mishorl (9). Ten minutes later, the guests could not get the ball out from behind, sent Horvath Ljubicic, who shot over the goal from nine meters (19).

Hartberg barely made it to the match and was able to thank Swete and LASK for their lack of efficiency which was still 0-0. Even a double chance didn’t yield Lenz’s lead: Renner failed with a direct acceptance of Michoral Corner into Sweet’s grasp. The ball then reached Thomas Goijinger, who hit the crossbar (32 minutes).

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Five minutes later, Ljubicic missed Stangl’s pass from Keito Nakamura, and Sweety was knocked out. The hosts were lucky when Nakamura touched the ball in his team’s penalty area on his upper arm. Referee Gerhard Gropelnik allowed the game to continue.

Everything changes after changing sides

After the break, the East Styrians turned the game on its head. The opponent of LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager immediately returned: Krewak was headed by Lukas Fadinger, who scored an icy goal to guide the visitors (55th place). It was the second goal of the season for the fast-paced 23-year-old. Hartberg followed suit: Schlager could not cleanly wipe Aiden’s shot, and Tadic dusted it off (62 minutes).

LASK was broken with it. Horvat closed the bag from a short distance after the Heil-Stanglpass. The Hartbergers remain the Linzers’ formidable opponents. Already in the previous season there were only three draws and one defeat against TSV. The last achievement dates back to June 2020.

Vote in the game

Dietmar Kohbauer (Lasky coach): “The first half was a game for us where I have to say you couldn’t do it better, unfortunately we didn’t score. We didn’t make life easy for ourselves because there are a lot of chances. With 1:0 in the second half we didn’t come back anymore. We’re suddenly in the match. That’s what I don’t want to see anymore when you’re left behind. That’s why I’m really upset.”

Klaus Schmidt (Hartberg coach): “We went into the game really well in the first half, but we got a little nervous with a shot from the post (Sasha Horvath, note). LASK had countless record-breaking positions and, thank God, we all defended it. There was a weakness. The column, which helped us. We continued to attack with courage in the second half, we were always present and then we entered the game better and better. With the first two goals, we were not nervous anymore and deserved to play at home.”

Admiral of the Bundesliga, eleventh round

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LASK – Hartburg 0:3 (0:0)

Basing, Raiffeisen Arena, 4,500 spectators, SR Grobelnik.

target sequence:
0:1 keriwak (55)
0-2 Tadic (62 minutes)
0: 3 p.m. Horvat (78 minutes)

Lask: Schlager-Stojkovic, Zeris, Lokender, Rainer-Jovicic, Mishorl-Guijinger (81 / Flickr), Horvath, Nakamura-Ljubicic (71 / Kolores)

Hartberg: Swete – M. Horvat, Sonnleitner (87th / Steinwender), Karamarko – Frieser, Fadinger (87th / Ejupi), Heil, Providence – Aydin (72 / Kainz) – Kriwak (80 / Knollmüller), Tadic (80 / paints)

Yellow Cards: Jovicic and Providence

Best: Michoral, Horvath or Sweety, Hill