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German rail strike continues - Austria also affected

German rail strike continues – Austria also affected

Rail customers in Germany must be prepared for the many delays and train cancellations at the start of the new week. The GDL union continues to strike in Deutsche Bahn on Monday. According to its own information, Deutsche Bahn assumes that it will be able to maintain its services over long distances at about 30 percent of train connections and in regional traffic at a rate of about 40 percent. The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) is also still affected.

“The replacement schedule continues to apply, as it did over the weekend,” a DB spokesperson said Monday morning. The strike also continues in the transport of goods. The German Locomotive Drivers’ Union (GDL) wants to use the strike to force higher incomes and better working conditions for employees. It is the third strike in this round of collective bargaining. The labor dispute ends at 2:00 AM on Tuesday.

Effects on Austria: Among other things, sleeping planes to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Hamburg have been cancelled, and daily flights to Germany are operated only in the Austrian section. However, daytime traffic within Austria via the German Corner (from Salzburg to Tirol), rail connections between Vienna and Munich, EC traffic on the Italy-Insbruck-Munich route (via Kufstein) and connections on the Vienna-Salzburg route are not affected, however. Bregenz and Zurich, located in the German corner, reported about the ÖBB on their website.

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