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German weapons for attack in Russia: “National operation possible”

German weapons for attack in Russia: “National operation possible”

As of: June 2, 2024 at 7:19 p.m

It has become clear since Friday: Ukraine is allowed to use German weapons – on a limited scale – on Russian territory. This is conceivable, for example, for the Patriot air defense system, General Freudig said Report from Berlin. It remains unclear whether this actually happened.

Weapons provided by Germany for the Ukrainian attack on Russia – such a scenario was unthinkable for the federal government for several months. But last Friday, there was a radical change in course, observers say. Germany yielded to pressure from its allies and adopted the American position: launch attacks on Russian territory, yes, but only to defend the Kharkiv region. The country's second-largest city is subjected to almost daily attacks, most of them from Russian territory.

It is unclear what German weapons systems could actually be used. In addition to the 2000 self-propelled howitzer and the Mars II missile launcher, defense against incoming Russian missiles over Russian territory will be possible using the highly efficient Patriot defense system.

The scenario told by the head of the German Position Center in Ukraine, Major General Christian Freudig Report from Berlin At least I did not want to rule it out: “It is quite conceivable that the Patriot systems will now also be used in the Kharkiv region and over Russia. They are ideal for fighting Russian aircraft that can use terrible glide bombs.”

However, Freuding stressed that the tactical use of these systems is solely the responsibility of the Ukrainian military: “You can use them within the framework of international law. We have great confidence that the Ukrainians will not only adhere to this, but also adhere to it.” Also do it with great tactical skill and you will be successful as well.”

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There is no information about the use of German weapons

Freuding did not say whether German weapons were actually used on or over Russian territory. The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Oleksiy Macgeo, wanted to do so as well Report from Berlin Provides no information: Western weapons systems are being used tactically “in cooperation with our partners.” However, as ambassador, he receives no reports on how weapons systems are being used at the front.

Makeyev openly welcomed the change in the West's course. He's glad the decision was made so quickly. It is important “not to draw red lines around yourself, but rather put them clearly in front of the aggressor.”