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Germany adopts gas saving systems

Germany adopts gas saving systems

The German government wants to prepare Germany for winter with additional energy-saving guidelines. In public buildings, the temperature should be set to a maximum of 19 degrees, and certain areas such as hallways and lobbies should not be heated at all, the federal government decided Wednesday with two regulations. Social amenities are excluded. Buildings and landmarks are no longer lit for purely representative purposes.

Neon signs may be banned for night shopping. Private pools must remain unheated. The requirements for tenants to set a minimum temperature should be dropped if this does not lead to a health hazard. According to government estimates, gas consumption could be reduced by 2 percent by using other tools from the two decrees. The requirements must apply for a period of six months.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck (the Greens) had already made the first key points of the regulations in July. It also provides for an obligation to check the heating system and replace ineffective heat pumps. Habeck also declared that gas savings in the private world of work must also be realized through lower office temperatures. He will speak with the Ministry of Labor and social partners about this.

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