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Germany vs. USA: Ice Hockey World Championship Semi-Finals Live on TV and Stream

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Germany meets USA in Ice Hockey World Championship semi-finals. You watch this game live on TV and live stream.

DAMPER – Germany’s national ice hockey team outdid themselves at the World Championships in Tampere, Finland. After three defeats at the start of the tournament against Sweden, Finland and the United States, four wins followed and national coach Harold Kreis’ team finished fourth. In the quarter-finals, Germany pulled off a real coup as unbeaten Switzerland crashed out of the tournament 3-1.

Germany vs USA: Who will go to the final?

What’s up now? “Everything,” striker Niko Sturm replied: “Why don’t we win two more games?” The win against Switzerland gave the team a lot of momentum. “I can’t feel my legs for the last ten minutes. I am incredibly proud of how everyone fought for everyone. Unbelievable,” Sturm told the TV station Game 1.

Harold Greiss was very proud of his team: “I can take my hat off again and again. We know it’s about unconditional support and unity,” said the national coach. Magentasport. Germany has a tough time in the semi-final against the USA, who have won all 8 games in the World Cup. There was also a narrow win against the DEB selection in the opening round, which now has a chance for revenge.

DEB selection meets USA in semifinals of Ice Hockey World Championship. The match will be played on Saturday 27/05/2023 at 17:20 in Tampere, Finland. We’ll show you where and how you can watch the game live on TV and live stream.

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Germany vs. USA: All World Cup Semi-Finals on Free TV

  • The TV Channel Sport1 Shows the fight between Germany and America 27th May 2023 SaturdayLive and Full Length on Free TV.
  • The The exchange begins With preliminary reports at 5 pm, the Opens the face Then it will be held at 5.20 pm.

Germany vs. USA: World Cup Semi-Finals telecast live by MagentaSport

  • Magentasport shows the fight between Germany and America 27th May 2023 SaturdayLive and Full Length on Free TV.
  • The Mode of spread Starts at 5pm with opening statements, game starts at 5.20pm.
  • However, following the game on MagentaSport requires a subscription. It costs EUR 4.95 per month for Telecom customers with an annual subscription and EUR 9.95 per month for customers without a Telecom contract.

Germany vs. USA: Ice Hockey World Championship semi-final live ticker

  • We report on the German national ice hockey team’s opening match against the USA on Saturday evening in a live ticker.
  • Important game highlights, goals and commentary on the game – you won’t miss a thing with our live ticker!


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