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Get Free Shaymin – How To Solve The Environment Week 2023 Special Quest

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from: Daniel Neubert


Pokémon GO: Catch Shaymin – All Special Research Missions for Environment Week 2023 © Niantic / (Montage)

Until now, if you wanted to catch Shaymin in Pokémon GO, you had to pay for it. The 2023 Environment Week Special Research makes the Beast available to everyone.

SAN FRANCISCO — Environment Week 2023 kicks off this morning at Pokemon GO. The event offers many rewards for trainers and extends over a whole week. The big feature of the event is the “Plants and Gratitude” special quest, where players can catch Shaymin for free for the first time. Apart from that, the private search in Pokemon Go lots of rewards. reveals which rewards players should not miss and how to solve the missions.

In order to solve the tasks of the special quest “Plants and Gratitude”, players do not have to put themselves under pressure. Coaches have a chance to catch Shaymin throughout the week.

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