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Giant toe is surprising -

Giant toe is surprising –


Giant toe poses in the Rudolf Bednar park in Leopoldstadt. The statue by artist Leopold Kessler has been there since last week – and it is growing. The length of the nail increases by two centimeters every day and the residents must take care of it.

“One idea is that monuments always depict a moment in history and then go out of style. With toe, the status quo has to be restored over and over again, because it keeps growing, Kessler explains in a “Vienna Today” interview. Toe has been in Bednar Park since September 14. When it is inspected locally, it raises eyebrows among the residents.


Artist Leopold Kessler says the nail has small cracks, but they grow back

The nail is cut off

Although it has grown ten centimeters by now, you hardly notice it. The residents seem to care about it. A boy recently cut a nail with a small saw. However, the artist suspects that some of the cracks indicate the possibility of people jumping and climbing on them. But this is also part of the art project and can be compared to a real nail. “Of course, this is growing.”

The length of the nail can be up to two meters in total. The plate inside the toe is enough for this pot – “then the plate is changed”. So the toe needs to be renewed every hundred days or so. Beautiful for the artist: the toe is now a meeting place. “It meets at the toe, the children do gymnastics on it.”

People are amazed

year in the garden

Another footnote: neither the artist in Vienna nor the niece of the oligarch in Ibiza was shown the toe. “I didn’t really realize that,” Kessler says. “It has more to do with the fact that you have to be careful when handling those toes. So the question is who cuts them off. The thing is, I don’t cut them up and leave them in the public domain.” At Bednar Park, the toe will be there for a year, hoping to get on care.

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