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Ginkgo extract stimulates the intestinal flora and thus protects against atherosclerosis - a healing practice

Ginkgo extract stimulates the intestinal flora and thus protects against atherosclerosis – a healing practice

Ginkgo extract, intestinal bacteria and atherosclerosis

excerpt from ginkgo leaves It works through positive changes in the gut microbiome (Intestinal germs) against cardiovascular disease atherosclerosis. can be verified Preventive and curative effect It appears to be based primarily on this effect.

research team from China Pharmaceutical University I’ve investigated how to do it Ginkgo extract its effect against Arteriosclerosis (atherosclerosis) unfolds and does a positive job Changes in the gut microbiome The results of the corresponding study were faced and published in the specialized journal “Phytotherapy ResearchChest.

Ginkgo against cardiovascular disease

The leaves of the Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) have been used for thousands of years Treatment It is used and continues to be used today in a variety of medical applications. Thus, the leaf extract is also used for prevention and treatment Atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease to publish.

The positive effects have been clearly demonstrated, but the basic mechanism of action has remained unclear until now. The Chinese research team has now tried to decipher this.

The effect of ginkgo extract has been confirmed

In the study, the positive effect of ginkgo extract in purifying high cholesterolAnd the ignite And the Arteriosclerosis Researchers confirmed that mice fed a Western diet for 12 weeks.

Positive changes in the intestinal flora

In addition, based on genetic sequencing, it became clear that treatment with ginkgo extract Intestinal germswhose composition was affected as a result of the Western diet.

“In particular, the Firmicutes/Bacteroides ratio decreased and the abundance of Akkermansia, Alloprevotella, Alistipes and Parabacteroides increased”According to the research team.

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Targeted metabolomics analysis (Study of Metabolic Products) showed that Ginkgo extract treatment significantly altered dysfunctional microbial metabolic phenotypes, including enhanced production of short-chain fatty acids, indole-3-acetate and secondary bile acids.

Relieves intestinal inflammation

In addition, the transcript values ​​of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the intestine decreased as a result of treatment with ginkgo extract and the expression of so-called tight junction proteins was increased, as Intestinal inflammation and the Intestinal septum repair had become.

Insight into the pharmacological effect

The authors concluded that, “In summary, our results can be said to provide important insights into the pharmacological mechanism underlying the anti-atherosclerotic efficacy of Ginkgo biloba extract.” Changes in the intestinal microbiota appear to be of central importance. (fp)

Author and source information

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  • Yun Wang, Yuanwan Shu, Xiaowei Shu, Hong Wang, Dong Wang, Wenchao Yan, Jiang Zhou, Haiping Hao, Guangji Wang, Liguan Cao, Jun Zhang: Ginkgo biloba extract relieves atherosclerosis by rebalancing gut flora and bacterial metabolism; In: Phytotherapy Research (published 3/21/2022),

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