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Gloggnitz: Fireworks are greener than their reputation

Gloggnitz: Fireworks are greener than their reputation

Did you know that interrogating 8 people is more harmful than 9,401 missiles? Blaschek explains this.

Glonitz. Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in many places with spectacular fireworks displays. However, there are some myths and misconceptions surrounding New Year’s Eve rockets that Harald Blašek, a specialist in lucky charms and fireworks, would like to clear up: “Fireworks are much greener than their reputation.”

Cardboard instead of plastic

The businessman supports his statement with facts: “The new generation of fireworks is almost plastic-free. The pointed caps of the rockets as well as the protective caps of the valves are now made of cardboard instead of plastic. More than half of the products we supply are 100 percent from natural raw materials and waste paper.” Blaschek also refutes the prevailing view that fireworks are bad for the climate: “Austria’s CO2 emissions from fireworks out of Austria’s total CO2 emissions are 0.0002%. Fine dust emissions are 0.2%, so both are negligible.” There are two examples from everyday life that show us where we are doing much more damage to our environment than if we welcomed the New Year with a barrage of missiles. Blaschek: “If you organize a barbecue evening with 8 people, the CO2 emissions are equivalent to 705 fireworks batteries or the launch of 9,401 rockets.” According to Blaschek, driving a car is also much worse for the environment: “Drivers should be aware that using one liter of gasoline can set off about 700 fireworks, instantly damaging the environment.”

There are no explosion elements

In 2022, Blaschek has stopped selling 60,000 of the stunned items – for the love of animals: “This means that the number of stunned animals has decreased by 60,000. It is a campaign that will continue this year. Blaschek is also committed to charity: so this year, the Knitted pigs from Peru as well as lucky charms are produced in India for Blaschek in return for a fair payment. “We also support the McDonald’s Children’s Aid Foundation with 17,000 euros,” explains Harald Blaschek.

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