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Gold falls as rising bond yields weigh on its appeal

Gold falls as rising bond yields weigh on its appeal

Gold prices fell slightly on Monday as rising US Treasury yields weighed on the dollar while investors closely watched a possible escalation in the conflict in the Middle East.


* Gold prices fell 0.3 percent to $2,381.36 per ounce by 0054 GMT. Gold in US futures contracts fell 0.7 percent to $2,395.80 an ounce.

* US 10-year Treasury yields rose slightly and were last at 4.6475%, making zero-yield gold less attractive to investors.

* At least 34,097 Palestinians have been killed and 76,980 others injured in the Israeli military offensive on the Gaza Strip since October 7.

* Persistent inflation and longer-term interest rates were cited as key risks to financial stability in the latest Fed survey.

* Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee said progress on lowering inflation has “stalled” this year. He is the latest US central bank governor to no longer focus on the imminent need to cut interest rates.

* High interest rates reduce the attractiveness of gold, which offers no return.

* Copper, gold and other metals, which have risen sharply this year, will continue to rise due to strong Chinese demand expectations and macroeconomic uncertainties.

* It costs more money to have a 26% discount on March-April after buying gold and gold and black Kupfer on the $30 mark, so we can analyze it, dass metal reif for this technology. he.

* Silver fell in spot transactions 0.6% to $28.48 per ounce, platinum fell 0.1% to $930.72, while palladium settled at $1,026.44.

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