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Goldhauben Group Oberneukirchen: Golden Ribbon Embroidery Course – Urfahr District

Goldhauben Group Oberneukirchen: Golden Ribbon Embroidery Course – Urfahr District

Especially for girls with golden bonnets who grew up from headdresses, a golden band worn like a headband is a great accessory for traditional outfits on festive occasions.

The Golden Ribbon Embroidery Course is held by Obfrau Annie Brandstetter Displayed at the vicarage in Oberneukirchen. The labor-intensive crafts are demonstrated and learned by two women and three girls under the direction of the experienced women Theresia Oberfichtner and Anistimer from Zwettl an der Rodl.

They are happy to pass on their skills and knowledge to other interested women. However, she was particularly pleased because three girls of elementary and middle school age also wanted to make their own gold bands. All participants participate with perseverance, diligence and patience in the small and imaginative craft.

The traced pattern was attached to gold brocade or black velvet, the canvas was fixed to the embroidery frame and artistic embroidery could begin. The physical value varies between 150 and 250 euros. It depends on whether it was made in black or gold and in what version it was made. The more complex, the more expensive. This also applies to the working hours application. The group works six times in the afternoon with about four hours on the course and you can add about 70 hours of home work.

Gold ribbon embroidery materials such as pallion, gold foil, gold tinsel, gold beads, special needles and threads in gold or black are sourced directly from a factory in Germany.

At the same time, the Goldhauben Group offers a course on dirndl tailoring and traditional costume, which is attended by seven ladies.

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