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Goma: Vulcan has distributed thousands - a small children's newspaper

Goma: Vulcan has distributed thousands – a small children’s newspaper

It is also not safe for everyone in emergency shelters because an infectious disease is common there

Photo: Imago

Thousands of city residents an eraser at Democratic Republic of the Congo In Africa they had to flee last week. Was to blame Volkan Nyiragongo. He had broken and was breathing fire and lava. The lava is dangerously close to the city of Goma, where millions of people live. It stopped about 300 meters from Goma airport. Lava is the name given to liquid, incandescent rocks from the upper layers of the Earth. When a volcano leaves this lava comes to the surface, it is called a volcanic eruption. Nyiragongo volcano has a height of 3,470 meters and is considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Here you can read how the volcano formed.

This is what liquid lava looks like
Photo: Imago

The disease spreads

Thousands fled in fear of the volcano. Many of them had to spend the night in the fresh air. The situation in emergency shelters has not been much better either. Sometimes it was so bad that some people returned to town – though the danger was not over yet. These people have it Leave emergency shelters because a very dangerous disease has spread there: cholera (pronounced: cholera). It is an infectious disease caused by bacteria. Bacteria are small organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. Some bacteria are beneficial and beneficial to the human body. But others cause illness. As in the case of cholera. The bacteria that cause this disease will Of polluted water Transfer. People who drink this dirty water develop bad diarrhea. People can even die from cholera.

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Many do not know what will happen in Goma now. The fear that the volcano will continue to eject lava is great.

On the map you can see the exact location of Nyiragongo Volcano: