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Google Calendar not syncing: 5 good tips

Google Calendar not syncing: 5 good tips

4. Check appointments

However, it may also happen that you have selected the wrong calendar to sync. In this case, you go to the three-line menu in the application, then scroll down to the desired calendar and activate it. To do this, click on the box with borders and put a check mark. You can also check the calendar when new entries end. If you don’t add them to your appointments, they may not appear in the app.

This is how you can control the selection:

  1. To test it, first tap the + icon in Google Calendar.
  2. Then make sure that “Appointments” actually says “Appointments” next to “Appointment Calendar.”
  3. If necessary, you can manually correct the selection by clicking on the appointment icon.

If automatic sync no longer works for any reason, you can reactivate it in Settings.

5. Clear the app cache

Google Calendar handles a lot of data every day. Some of them are also stored in cache so that they can be loaded again quickly. However, incorrect data sometimes creeps in here. The first step is to clear the app cache in Settings. You can probably start syncing now. In the second step, you can also delete the app data to eliminate errors.

attention: If you also delete the app data, all entries that have not yet been successfully synced will be lost. Therefore, you should save this procedure when all other attempts fail.

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