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Google Meet's latest features aim to improve hybrid meetings

Google Meet's latest features aim to improve hybrid meetings

Video calls have become an integral part of everyday working life, but they are increasingly taking place in a hybrid form. Existing and virtual participants should take advantage of the latest Google Meet features.

Google has what I think is an exciting update to Google Meet Announce, which now makes companion mode accessible to users on mobile devices. Previously limited to desktop and laptop devices, this feature allows for improved participant integration into hybrid meetings, both for on-site and remote participants.

The expansion of mobile devices brings with it a number of features designed to make meeting participation more flexible:

  • Check in to the room: Participants are allowed to identify themselves by name.
  • Emoji reactions: Participants can respond to lectures without interrupting the speaker.
  • Hand signal: – Record speeches without disrupting the process.
  • Translation: Translations appear in real time.
  • Chat function: Enables 1:1 exchange between participants.
  • Show content: Presentations can be viewed enlarged on your device.

This feature is available without additional settings from administrators and is available to all Google Workspace users, including individual customers and personal Google account holders. Google notes that the volume and microphone are muted by default in Accompany mode to avoid echo effects.

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