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Google Pixel 7 Pro Watch Tablet Buds

Google Pixel 7 disassemble: Easier to fix than 7 Pro

who – which Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro It will go on sale in select markets later this week. Google guarantees three major OS updates and five years of security patches. However, in case of hardware defects, only a few users dare to use the toolbox. New ripping video by PBK . Reviews Checks if you can fix the Pixel 7 yourself.

The conclusion came to the youngest of the two new ones Google phones 6/10 points for a total fix. It’s not as good as new though iPhone 14 (7/10), but it beats the cheapest iPhone SE 2022 (5.5/10). However, not much has changed compared to last year – this Pixel 6 It has also received a rating of 6/10.

Google Pixel 7 parts

Tensor G2, 8 GB LPDDR5 RAM / 4355 mAh / 16.81 W battery / 50 MP main camera

The Pixel 7’s USB-C connector is soldered to the motherboard. Also, to access the battery, several layers must be removed before the battery strip cable is exposed. There are pull tabs, but it doesn’t come off cleanly. Interestingly enough, there is a placeholder for the mmWave antenna on board. mmWave is not very widespread. Therefore, only smartphones sold in suitable markets have the antenna installed for the 5G variant.

As usual, there are many graphite flakes that transfer waste heat from the various components to the metal middle frame. One change from last year is that Google has replaced the thermal pad above the chipset/RAM package with thermal grease. Pixel 6 had problems under constant load. The better conductivity of the putty should help control this.

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Other than that, like the Pixel 7 Pro, not much has changed compared to last year. By the way I have Pixel 7 Pro score slightly worse than 5.5/10 Get it because the motherboard is hard to reach.