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Google threatens to ban imports to US

Hi-Fi company Sonos has won a lawsuit against Google in the United States. The internet company is infringing the company’s patents on some of its devices and now should be afraid of import ban.

There is a patent dispute with loudspeaker expert Sonos Google In United States Won. The ITC Trade Commission concluded that the Internet Company had infringed on five patents by Hi-Fi on its various devices.

In the event of patent infringement, ITC may prohibit the import of goods into the United States. To prevent this, Google has modified or restricted some functionality on its devices – in the hope that they will no longer infringe patents.

According to the ruling, Google is illegally using Sonos’ patented technologies to sync audio across multiple devices. These are mainly used with Google’s Pixel smartphones and in-house Nest speakers.

Google threatens to ban imports

In the future, users of a panel with multiple network speakers will need to switch the volume of each one individually rather than together. For one thing, Google noted the “latest legal decision” Friday night.

Google is now threatened by an import ban in the United States. This is because, according to the ruling, the Trade Commission has issued an injunction against the technology company for no longer importing patented products into the United States.

With that conclusion, the Commission followed the assessment of one of its judges, which was released in August. The US president can overturn the import ban imposed by the ITC – however, this will rarely happen.

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Alternative product designs

In the case filed in early 2020, Sonos targeted various Google devices such as pixel branded smartphones and networked Nest branded speakers. Patents include technologies for synchronizing audio playback between multiple devices, volume control and WLAN connectivity. In response, Google filed a lawsuit against Sonos alleging patent infringement.

Google will use other technologies for newer devices in the future to avoid import restrictions. In addition, all of those functions have been disabled on current devices that are considered infringers of Sonos’ patents. Alternative product designs are a way to avoid potential patent infringement.