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Gorbachev's funeral and burial in Moscow

Gorbachev’s funeral and burial in Moscow

The last president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, who died in Moscow on Tuesday after a long illness at the age of 91, will be buried on Saturday at the celebrity cemetery in the Russian capital.

According to Russian news agencies, citing Gorbachev’s family and foundation, the funeral will take place on Saturday in the colonnaded hall in central Moscow. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were placed there at once. She added that the burial was then planned in the cemetery of the Novodevichy Monastery (Novodevichy Monastir). Among other things, the former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushcho (1894-1971) is buried there.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the funeral service due to “scheduling problems”.

Austria will be represented at the funeral by the ChargĂ© d’Affairs at the Austrian Embassy in Moscow. This is also handled in this way by many other EU member states, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon request. APA. He will also represent Germany, which Gorbachev played a central role in its reunification, as chargĂ© d’affaires at his embassy.

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