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Grealish mourns the failure of the move to Italy

Grealish mourns the failure of the move to Italy

Italy calls up, but no change – Lower Austria will stay at Hoffenheim this season.

Florian Grelic has been considered a strong candidate for a move to Serie A in the past few weeks. Several Italian clubs, including the alleged AC Milan club, have shown interest in the player of the Austrian football team. However, there was no agreement and Grealish will remain with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim until the end of his contract in summer 2022 – much to his dismay, the Lower Austrian reported in Chisinau on Thursday.

“There were already some interested parties from Italy, and there were already concrete negotiations,” Grealish said, without naming the club. “But Hoffenheim’s demands were too high in the end, which is why they failed.” But he doesn’t have a grudge for it. “It’s like that now, I can’t change it. Now I’ll be staying at Hoffenheim for another year, running out of my contract and I think I’ll take the next step in the summer.” Then Grillitsch is available for free transportation.

Training Kick: ‘I’m not her type’

Forcing Grealish to move in this interchange period with a coaching boycott, as it became more and more common in football, was out of the question. “I didn’t want to strike, I’m not the right type.” The 26-year-old promised to give him full throttle at Hoffenheim despite the short duration of his worksheet remaining. “I will beat myself up as if I had a longer contract.”

Grealish hasn’t played any competitive matches in TSG this season – also because he’s been struggling with muscle issues while preparing. “I’m not at a hundred percent fitness level yet, as I was when I didn’t play a single match before Moldova,” the midfielder said.

Against Moldova “duty fulfilled”

However, Grealish feels he is ready to make more appearances in the upcoming World Cup qualifier matches on Saturday in Haifa against Israel and on Tuesday in Vienna against Scotland. “I think I can make all three internationals in this course.”

And about the difficult 2-0 win over Moldova in Chisinau on Wednesday, Grealish said: “We did our job, but we know it wasn’t a good match for us.” In light of the difficult preparations for the season, “miracles” could not be expected from him.

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