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Great fire in Hamburg: a cloud of smoke covers the entire city

It remains unclear how the main fire could have started around 4:30 a.m. on Easter night at the truck stop site, or what exactly was in the burning warehouses.

In the Rothenburgsort district of Hamburg, several warehouses caught fire on Sunday morning. This resulted in a huge cloud of smoke that was blown towards the city center by the northeast wind. “Hamburg’s city center is completely dark,” a fire department spokesman said. According to preliminary results, no one was injured. However, firefighters warned of smoke and asked residents to close windows and doors and turn off air conditioning and ventilation. Although “no increased readings are currently identified,” they say they don’t want to take any chances.

Burning bunkers in PellstrasseIMAGO / Jörg Boethling

The fire brigade was initially unable to determine how the main fire could have started around 4:30 a.m. on Easter night or what exactly was in the burning warehouses. However, according to the fire brigade, several alleged IBC containers leaked and exploded at the truck stop site. It contained flammable liquids.

What exactly chemicals are involved were first
unclear. According to a report by NDR, it should be
circulating hydrogen sulfide. It was fire and smoke
Classified as “extremely dangerous” in the official warning. “this
It’s a really difficult and extraordinary task.”
A spokesman for the fire brigade from the scene.

It will take all day to fight the fires

And assume that the extinguishing works at about 210
Emergency services got involved, and it lasted all day. Firstly
After that, the police can begin their investigation of the fires.
Firstly, the fire area was allowed due to the thick smoke spread
They are only entered with respirators. Rothenburgsort
East of the city center in the north of the Elbe and borders among others

The fire also affected the movement of trains. after
According to the Deutsche Bahn, the train service between Hamburg
and Büchen (Schleswig-Holstein) due to the fire in the immediate vicinity
Track proximity can be adjusted. This, in turn, led to
All IC, EC and ICE trains between Hamburg and Berlin have been diverted
It had to and I was about 60 minutes late. IC and
ICE trains between Hamburg and Rostock have been completely cancelled. to me
Also close the S-Bahn route between Berliner Tor and
An alternative service has been prepared for Billwerder-Moorfleet.


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