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Greece: Two tourists lost after severe storms

Two tourists have been missing since yesterday at sea off the Halkidiki peninsula for Greek holidays. A total of three men, reportedly from North Macedonia, went swimming in the strong winds and waves. A Coast Guard spokesman said today on public radio that the waves and current would have pushed them out to sea. According to media reports, one of the two men was rescued yesterday.

The search for the other two continued today. Along with the coast guard and a helicopter, passing ships, fishermen and volunteers in the area were watching for the missing.

Storms, wind and rain

Severe storms, winds and rain caused problems across almost all of Greece over the weekend. There was flooding on the holiday islands of Thassos and Skiros, cars were washed away, basements and floors were filled with water.

Public Broadcasting Corporation reported that the roads had to close Skyros due to landslides and two destroyed bridges. It also rained all night in Athens and Crete. The Met Office said the storm would only subside in the afternoon.

However, the torrential rains were welcomed by many residents. In Greece, the risk of forest fires has increased significantly recently after it was very hot and dry for a long time. On Thursday, the fire brigade reported 378 wildfires within seven days. According to the authorities, the risk of fire after the storm is low at the moment.

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