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Green Events are newcomers to the 99ers

Green Events are newcomers to the 99ers

Whether on the ice, in the hall or in the city center – the events landscape is becoming increasingly greener and therefore more environmentally friendly. Sustainability, for example in the form of green events, is also the focus of Holding Graz’s recently revised sponsorship guidelines.

As organizers of green events, Holding Graz’s sponsoring partners play an important pioneering role when it comes to the sustainable implementation of events in the Styrian capital: these include sports clubs in Graz such as HSG Holding Graz, UVC Holding Graz and Graz 99ers but also major events such as the Aufsteirern Festival or the Graz Marathon. .

30 thousand cups instead of plastic

Since 2017, Aufsteirern, winner of the Austrian Eco-Label, has been held as a green event: with the support of Holding Graz and its own-brand waste collection points, a comprehensive concept of disposal has been implemented, plastic avoidance and regional and seasonal food and drink offer is used. Nearly 30,000 cups will be distributed in the Aufsteirrn instead of plastic cups, and disposable cutlery will also be dispensed with. This year the focus is more on general travel to the Aufsteirern; Holding Graz is the official mobility partner for public transport with trams and buses.

Deputy Mayor Judith Schwentner: “Actions in the field of climate and environmental protection are necessary at all levels in light of the effects of the climate crisis that we are currently feeling on a daily basis globally and locally. As part of its sponsorship cooperation with partners such as Aufsteirern or Graz Marathon in the field of green events, Holding Graz is setting an important example.” For sustainable implementation of events.

Associate City Council Member Manfred Eber: “As the Holding Graz sponsorship guidelines continue to be developed and adapted to new priorities, the Holding Graz sponsorship projects have a stronger social and environmentally friendly character. Holding Graz sets a good example by supporting projects in the social and sustainability fields.

Holding Marketing Manager Richard Bear:
“Many of our sponsorship partners are already setting a good example when it comes to sustainability and climate protection. In the future, these criteria will play a greater role in sponsorship evaluations.

420 tons of carbon dioxide2 compensation

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The Graz 99ers are also focusing on the environment, being the first club in the history of Austrian professional ice hockey to use CO2 since the 2021/22 season.2– Neutral home game days are an active example of climate protection. This applies to more than 420 tons of carbon dioxide2 To compensate, with a large portion of carbon dioxide2 Emissions arise from the arrival and departure of fans, players and staff on match day. Through an initial joint reforestation project with the Styrian forest company Franz Mayer-Mellenhof-Sorau, the 99 family members are planting 2,000 trees annually to offset emissions.