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Greens agree on ministers: Vice-Chancellor Habek, Minister of Agriculture Ozdemir

Greens agree on ministers: Vice-Chancellor Habek, Minister of Agriculture Ozdemir

Germany Traffic light government

Vice-Chancellor Habek, Minister of Agriculture Ozdemir – Greens agree on ministers

The Greens are arguing over the top positions in the traffic light government

A row arose among the Greens when it came to filling ministerial and other senior positions in the intended government. Cem Ozdemir is supposed to be agriculture minister, and parliamentary group leader Anton Hofferter is not there.

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After a crisis meeting of the party council, the Greens agreed to distribute their ministries: Robert Habeck would be Vice-Chancellor, and Annalena Barbock would be Secretary of State. Cem Ozdemir receives the Department of Agriculture. Anton Hofriter comes away empty-handed.

FFive ministries represent the Green Party in the future federal government. The Environment Party announced, on Thursday evening, after lengthy deliberations, the distribution of posts.

head of vegetables Robert Habeck He is to become Vice-Chancellor in a government with the Social Democratic Party and the Free Democratic Party. He will also be climate and economy minister, as shown by a letter from Federal Director-General Michael Kellner to party members Thursday night.

Co-Chair Annala Barbuk He became Minister of Foreign Affairs and thus the second Green in this position after Joschka Fischer. Jim Ozdemir, who received the best direct result for all the green members of the Bundestag, will lead the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the future. The staff had wrestled for hours as the departing party favored Anton Hofriter over the post. The group leader is now empty.

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Steffi Lemke, a member of the Bundestag and former federal director of the party, will head the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection. The East German had previously traded for a position in the Cabinet.

The name, however, is relatively surprising Ann SpiegelShe will become the Minister of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Spiegel was already the head of the family ministry in the Rhineland-Palatinate. There she led the Green Party with a good score in March in the continuation of the Traffic Light Coalition headed by Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) and in May switched to the newly created Ministry of Environmental Protection and Climate.

Greens establish parity

green veteran Claudia Roth He must become Minister of State for Culture and thus work in the future in the Chancellery under the chairmanship of Olaf Schulz (SPD). group heads Catherine Goering Eckhardt He was nominated by the Green Party for the post of Vice-President of the Bundestag.

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Agricultural landscape with green wheat field and many winds

Until recently, the Minister’s award was subject to bargaining in a closed group. The menu was supposed to be in the afternoon. The Greens have therefore postponed the start of the vote on the coalition agreement from Thursday evening to Friday morning.

Chancellor Olaf Schulz’s (Social Democratic Party) candidate had promised that the future government would consist of equal numbers of women and men. The FDP had already appointed Christian Lindner (Finance), Volker Wessing (Transport), Marco Buschmann (Justice), and Bettina Stark and Watzinger (Education) as ministers. With three women and two men, the Greens have now parity in the Cabinet for the time being. The SPD wants to wait until a party congress takes place at the beginning of December to appoint its ministers.

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