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Greens and FDP in talks: Traffic Light Coalition or Jamaica's Coalition?

Greens and FDP in talks: Traffic Light Coalition or Jamaica’s Coalition?

DrWhich green tops and FDP Surprisingly, he held preliminary talks on joint government engagement on Tuesday. Green Party leaders Annalina Barbock and Robert Habeck met with Free Democratic Party leader Christian Lindner and General Secretary Volker Wissing. The four posted a photo of the Quartet on Instagram and wrote: “In the search for a new government, we explore similarities and bridges between departments. And until you find some. Exciting times.”

After the federal election, the Greens and Liberals could enter into a traffic light coalition with the SPD as well as an alliance with the Union. However, the Social Democratic Party has a candidate for chancellor Olaf Schulz He won the election on Sunday. The stated goal of the Green Party and the FDP is to agree on the basic lines of political cooperation, which should serve as a precondition for the “return” of government policy in Germany. Only later do they both want to talk to the potential chancellor’s party.

Scholz wants to make traffic lights fit

On Tuesday evening, Schulz aggressively promoted again the traffic light. “There is something for you if you want to put it together,” the former vice chancellor said at an event for the parliamentary left of the SPD parliamentary group in Berlin. “It could be a government where three parties with different but overlapping ideas come together in order to advance.” “The country does not belong to the CDU/CSU,” said group leader Rolf Mutzenich. The country belongs to the citizens who were elected by Will Schulz.

Schulz explained it SPD It has always been a party that has seen the political application of law, liberty, and a better life as possible. The SPD candidate for chancellor said the Greens, like the SPD, see stopping man-made climate change and the environmental issues surrounding it as pivotal, but “of course they focus more on that.” “The Liberal Party also has ideas about progress that overlap with what we’re seeing.” Schulze referred to the issue of civil rights and the modernization of the country.

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