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GTA Online: The Chop Shop – all in the big new update!

GTA Online: The Chop Shop – all in the big new update!

Rockstar Games is making your wait for GTA 6 better and has released the next major update for GTA Online with “The Chop Shop”. You can discover a lot of new content there and enjoy many hours of gameplay during the Christmas season.

In “The Chop Shop”, you can join Yousef Amir, the famous real estate mogul and car enthusiast from Liberty City. Because for him you have to steal the most wanted vehicles in Los Santos in a series of robberies. You can also expect a new illegal commercial property, a selection of new vehicles, new drift races, and more. But one by one…

Behind the facade of Red’s Auto Parts is Youssef’s thievery business, for which his new junk business provides the perfect cover. The property is inconspicuous enough to go unnoticed by law enforcement, while at the same time providing the equipment needed for raids in southern San Andreas. You can start by answering Joseph’s call; Once you have a junkyard business, it gets going. Once you have a vehicle, you can dismantle it on lift pads at your junk shop and acquire valuable parts over time. Stolen vehicles can also be sold for a lump sum by delivering them to docks.

There are a total of five scrap trading properties to choose from: you can locate your business in the more remote Ballito Bay or secure a valuable and central location in Strawberry. Scrap Trading also offers optional enhancements such as trade-in pricing, which gives you a 50% discount when ordering scrapped vehicles through Mors Mutual or repairing vehicles at any workshop. There’s also a new towing service where you can take certain vehicles to your junk shop after violations so they can be scrapped as well.

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As for the theft of new vehicles, there is a weekly selection of target vehicles that Youssef has his eye on. Each heist involves exploration and information gathering, as well as completing equipment quests and new missions in Free Mode – all the way to a quick conclusion to the heist. Vehicle Heists includes custom daily challenges, pause menu rewards, and career progression challenges on PS5 and Xbox Series

Newly available vehicles are:

  • Grotti Turismo Omaggio super sports car
  • Imani Tech compatible multi-purpose SUV
  • Elegant convertible
  • Other SUVs

You can also buy and own rare police cars; In order to get these items, you actually have to break all the rules during your raids.

Otherwise, with GTA+ you can expect a very spacious Vinewood Club garage with additional space for up to 100 vehicles. Members of the subscription service get the Declasse Impaler LX muscle car for free. And in drift racing, you can search for the perfect tire spin – thanks to special drift tuning kits for the Fathom FR36 Coupé and seven already released vehicles.

And: In Los Santos, there are now wild animals on PS5 and Xbox Series

GTA Online – Chop Shop Trailer

“The Chop Shop” is the next major update for the long-running GTA Online game.