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Guest performance by Sellers and Speer |  “Our appearance at Leoben will be something very special.”

Guest performance by Sellers and Speer | “Our appearance at Leoben will be something very special.”

Well, now for real! This year, Seiler and Speer want to let the sun shine in Leoben. Regarding the weather, they still have a score to settle with Montagnstadt after having to cancel their much-celebrated performance at the IRFC charity biker meeting two years ago after only a few songs due to a severe storm. It was also raining heavily at IRFC 2023, as fellow musician Josh was on stage with “Mr. Speer.”

They come back again

But Seiler and Speer were impressed by the relaxed atmosphere of Leoben's main arena and the enthusiasm of the Styrian fans – the location and the positive spirit that has always supported the bikers' charity meeting made their way into the hearts of the musicians. “Our appearance at Leoben will be something very special,” says Christopher Sellers.

So they are back again this year: on Friday, July 26, Seeler and Speer will give one of their five major open-air concerts on the main square of Leoben, which is scheduled to take place in 2024. The remaining shows are in the Fürstenfeld, in the Clam Castle, in the Kufstein Castle And at Arena Nova in Wiener Neustadt.

Last year, Sellers and Speer impressed more than 50,000 fans

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Having delighted a total of 50,000 fans across Austria with their hall tour last year, they want to take it a little easier this year when it comes to their live presence, they revealed. “Because big things will come again in 2025,” announced their manager Fritz Strba.

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Performance by Liuben's music students

Absolute star 'PÄM' will be on stage as a support act. The preliminary program can also be considered an additional highlight of the concert: children from the Leoben School of Music and Arts will bring selected numbers from ropes and spears into your ear canals in their special performance. “This performance underscores the band’s connection to the region and offers young talent a unique stage,” says Strba happily.

The concert aims to “combine everything we love about live music and will definitely give our fans in Styria everything they love about us – and maybe even some new Seiler and Speer numbers,” says Strba.

Tickets for the Seiler and Speer concert at Leoben will be available from 10am on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. available. By the way, Kleine Zeitung will be holding a contest where you can not only get tickets, but also a meet and greet with Seiler and Speer.