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Guestbook Woodstock Brass Bands in Innviertel

Guestbook Woodstock Brass Bands in Innviertel

More than 80,000 guests celebrated the Woodstock weekend for brass bands in Ort im Innkreis, giving the festival a record number of visitors. On Monday, the festival reported that 130 bands and 1,500 artists showed off their skills on seven stages over four days. The highlight was the “Full Upper Austria Game”, where 19,000 festival guests performed together on Saturday.

Festival tickets and Saturday tickets are sold out in advance. The Family Sunday – free entry until 2pm with a family ticket – proved successful and also ensured that the site was full. 1,000 children took part in the “total game”. 2,000 assistants on site ensured everything ran smoothly and there were no major accidents.

The highlight of the stage was the Fäaschtbänkler on Sunday evening. In addition to the date – from 27 to 30 June 2024 – there are already the first guests to report for next year: Herbert Bixner is expected to perform, as is Folkshelf, with the Woodstock Allstars Band. For fans who didn’t get tickets this year, there were 21 hours of the festival live on TV and radio – recordings can still be viewed for seven days.

The Regions Festival, which celebrated its 30th anniversary with the “Höchste Eisenbahn”, also struck a positive balance. 13,500 visitors and event participants are counted along the Summerauer Bahn from Linz to Horní Dvořiště, as well as several thousand passengers, passers-by, pedestrians and residents who come across one of the many festival projects in the region.

Between the opening in Horní Dvořiště and the KLANG Festival in Gallneukirchen at the weekend, there were more than 40 projects for a total of 150 artists participating along the 70-kilometer railway line, in special trains, in stations, in warehouses, forests, meadows, fields , in the streets, all in one river, in the church, in the old fire station and in the former indoor pool. “Public transportation partially defined the structure of the festival and revealed at the same time its urgent need to expand it,” said a summary of the festival on Monday.

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