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Gugging Inspirational – The “Gugging Fan Club” moves on with a new special exhibition

Gugging Inspirational – The “Gugging Fan Club” moves on with a new special exhibition

New special exhibition “Gugging Inspirational! “von bowie bis roth” in the “Gugging Museum” impressively shows how music, fine art, literature, photography and fashion design have been greatly influenced by Gugging artists. First-class works by Peter Bongratz, Arnulf Rainer, Gerhard Roth, David Bowie, Christine de Grancy, Christopher Kane and Johann Rausch stand by Their exciting inspirations from Oswald Chertner, Johann Hauser, August Walla and Johan Couric From March 30 to September 24, 2023, Arnold Schmidt or Johann Garber.

“Since the 1960s, the Artists’ House in Gujing has been a magical and inspiring place for many artists,” says curator Nina Ansberger, explaining the idea behind the exhibition. Inspired by the visit, David Bowie recorded his ambitious experimental album 1. Outside. Photographer Christine de Grancy captured these encounters with August Walla, Oswald Chertner and Johann Garber. Peter Bongratz considered Johann Hauser “one of the best painters in Austria”. Arnulf Rainer has always sought collaborations with Gugging artists. Gerhard Roth formed long-term friendships with the Gugging artists. He immortalized it in both his literary and graphic works. Johann Rausch spent a week in the former Augustus room. In addition to other works, Gugging artists created 14 Sensitive Portraits. Costume designer Christopher Kane Moteff took on the motifs of Heinrich Reisenbauer and Johan Couric for the collection,” says Nina Ansberger.

The new special exhibition “Gugging inspiration! von bowie bis roth” also asks visitors what inspires them. The fair is accompanied by a wide range of mediation activities and events for classrooms, families and individual visitors. From “gugginger gugelhupf” to “Eltern Kinder Kreative” both creatives and enthusiasts will find a suitable offering.

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“Gumping inspires! von bowie bis roth” is Nina Ansperger’s first exhibition as the new Artistic and Scientific Director of the Museum of Gugging. Since January 1, 2023, it has been working to expand the Museum’s work as a place for inclusion, engagement, and open discourse. Under her leadership, Art Brut’s international female artists will increasingly be in the spotlight.

The catalog has been published by Residenz Verlag to accompany the exhibition. The book in softcover 240 x 270 mm contains numerous illustrations and essays by Nina Ansberger, Clara Dietz-Rainer, Richard Marichal, Sarah Moore, Christopher Kane, Walter Moser, Peter Bongratz, Johann Rausch, Ulrich Rötter and Uwe Schott. Shop at bookstores.