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Guido Burgstaller is the 2023 Rapider of the Year

Guido Burgstaller is the 2023 Rapider of the Year

For 23 years, we have determined “Rapidler of the Year” through online voting and/or email voting. For the first time in six years and for the third time ever with Guido Burgstaller The green and white player defended his title, and so far only his predecessor, captain Steven, has been able to do so Hoffman (2004 and 2005) and Stefan Schwab (2016 and 2017).

But this year, we had to take a new approach to the elections due to an apparent technical problem. Traditional online voting promises an exciting three-way battle until Christmas, Marco porridge (Rapidler of the Year 2021), Leopold Crossfield And Guido Burgstaller Until then, they were at a respectful distance from Matthias Seidl And Niklas Headl Head to head at the top before the voting tool became distinctly independent and counted nearly 200,000 (!) votes during our company holiday, all in favor of Marco Grohl, who was undoubtedly an equally worthy winner. For comparison, in recent years, about 21,600 (2022), 7,300 (2021) or 6,900 (2020) were counted via online tools.

That's why we've given our official fan clubs the chance to choose their top 3 players, and as with our email submissions, Guido has got it here Burgstaller He advances and is therefore the “Fast Driver of 2023”, followed by the captain of the U21 team Leopold Crossfield In addition to Salzburg players Marco wearing a Rapid shirt porridge & Matthias Seidl!

Guido Burgstaller Last year, he wasn't just the Rapid's first starter since Steven Hoffman Not only did we bring the top scorer in the Austrian League (for the 2022/23 season) to Austria, but he was also our team's top scorer in 2023, scoring 20 goals (in “only” 34 games due to injury). Since Green-White achieves the goal in competitive matches, Marco came close to it here as well porridge (14 injuries in 40 matches). In addition, the Carinthians celebrated an unexpected and creative comeback in the Austrian national team in October and were the first ever Rapidler to score in 12 home matches in a row!

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He is 34 years old and is Peter's first winner Shotel Oldest player to be voted 'Fast Bowler of the Year'. As part of the first competitive match in 2024 (on February 4th in the quarter-finals of the Austrian FA Cup against SKN St. Pölten), “Burgi” will also be officially honored with this selection!

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