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Guillem Farres on his way back to America

Guillem Farres on his way back to America

Guillem Phares returned to the US earlier this week to continue training at Star Racing Factory Yamaha, where he will ride in the 2022 Motocross of Nations.

Guillem Farrés was there early yesterday morning Won the ADAC MX Youngster Cup title, he did not expect. After several brand changes this year, the Catalan rider has made one thing clear: he is capable of fighting anything. As a result, he is one of the most watched riders and has many prospects for 2023, making his debut in AMA Pro Motocross and being part of Spain’s Motocross of Nations team.

The title is too good for me

After his win at Holgerlingen, Guillem Farres announced that he didn’t really want to compete in the ADAC MX Masters or races in Germany. “I had no intention of racing in Germany, but as everyone knows, I had many problems at the beginning of the season, so I reconsidered racing professionally. Eventually the opportunity came to join Raths Motorsports and I decided to stay with them. I didn’t know anyone in Germany, but little by little I I started to feel better with them. The bike was perfect and I got my motivation back. In the end, this title is really good for me.

Nicklas Raths as proud team captain said: “I’m really happy with Guillem’s performance this weekend. In the end he really pulled it all out and showed what he can do. Guillem deserves the title. The whole team is proud of him.”

But as already mentioned, the Spaniard’s path leads back to America, and his German team boss will have to let the Catalans go again. Star Racing Yamaha will supply Fars with a competitive bike at the Motocross of the Nations and set the course for 2023. It is truly unfathomable that KTM allows this sportsman to go with his extraordinary talent and charisma.

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As for the Motocross of Nations, Fares explains: “The day after tomorrow I fly back to America to prepare for the race with the Yamaha team. The weekend of June 24-25 will see how Pharez fares alongside teammates Ruben Fernandez and Jorge Prado. On September Direct experience.