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Guilty Gear Strive & KoF XV Get Crossplay, Update Street Fighter VI

Guilty Gear Strive & KoF XV Get Crossplay, Update Street Fighter VI

There was some news at the start of the EVO 2022 event last night Guilty Gear JahedAnd the The fifteenth king of fighters and other titles that continue to receive updates. Also news too Street Fighter VI been shared.

for Guilty Gear Jahed Plans for the coming months have been submitted. Accordingly, the input lag on PS5 has been reduced or will be reduced even further, you can look forward to new character colors, while new characters will follow next year.

Even more exciting, however, was the announcement that the cross-play feature will be rolling out from September, which will initially be tested in a global beta. More details will follow soon.

Guilty Gear Strive . Roadmap

The fifteenth king of fighters

The same applies to The fifteenth king of fighters, which also gets cross-play support. And while more detailed plans are still pending, a rough plan envisages submission next year.

So you can see the release date Awaken Team Orochi On August 8th, it consists of Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Sherie and Orochi Chris. Another DLC for The fifteenth king of fighters To follow later this year.

Street Fighter VI

Moreover Street Fighter VI It was a brief topic at the EVO 2022 event, where two new live commentators were confirmed.

They are joined by Tasty Steve, a commentator on gameplay who brings his trademark accent and charisma to the match. The second character is James Chen, who will provide an additional analysis of the plot.

Street Fighter VI It will appear next year.

There was some excitement on the fringes of EVO with a poll asking what players would want if NFT was introduced in some form here. It didn’t sit well with the audience, but it was also just a poll that shouldn’t mean anything in the end.

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More information is expected from the EVO 2022 event over the weekend.