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Gütersloh, Breast Collaborative Center re-accredited, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Gütersloh, Breast Collaborative Center re-accredited, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Happy to renew the award: Dr. Siegfried Russell, auditor Dr. Hans Joachim Boecker Knott, auditor Theresa Mame, Dr. Winky Rohwedel and Dr. Uwe Gorner, Dr.; Johannes Medlanes, Ute Fonken, Anya Kraft, and Marlis Grolman. Photo: Klinikum Gutersloh

Gutersloh, Collaborative Breast Center re-accredited

Since 2006, the Medical Association of Westphalia Libby has regularly recognized the Cooperative Breast Center due to its qualified treatment and good cooperation between partners. In May 2022, KBZ was re-accredited.

“We are very pleased with the re-accreditation of the center and the positive feedback from the auditors.” During the certification, the auditors praised both the processes and structures in the treatment, the qualification of staff and the cooperation between different specialists. specialties.

Proven collaboration

The Cooperative Breast Center in Guersloh is an association and has been accredited in accordance with the high requirements of the Westphalian Medical Association since 2006. The center aims to ensure high-quality care for breast cancer patients in the region of Gutersloh.

From initial diagnosis to initial treatment

During treatment at the Breast Cancer Collaborative, patients benefit from the close cooperation of the various members and partners of the Center. In treatment and aftercare, for example, we work closely with resident gynecologists: “We want to ensure that patients receive optimal care on an ongoing basis – from initial diagnosis to follow-up treatment.

At regular oncology conferences with specialists from different departments, treatment processes are tailored individually for each individual #patient Been voted. Height #Quality The treatment has now been confirmed back to KBZ by external auditors as part of the review. “We work hand in hand in accordance with the National Guidelines for Breast Cancer Treatment. This is the secret of our success and the reason why breast cancer patients should be assigned to a specialized centre.

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