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Haaland’s father Alf Inge caused a scandal during Real Madrid against Mancity and had to be taken out of the VIP box.

According to Spanish media, he threw peanuts at them, which Haaland denied via Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. Haaland can be seen in online videos making gesticulating gestures of contempt towards the fans. Shortly thereafter, he was taken away, possibly in order not to let the situation escalate.

Haaland Senior wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning that the crowd was not happy with how he and his companions celebrated Kevin De Bruyne’s goal with City (67). That is why they had to leave the stands. In another tweet, he described the incident as a “good tease”, and his group only had to “get 50 meters away”, “No more. Everyone was happy. Well, almost.”

Guarded mostly by national player Antonio Rudiger, the budding Haaland had a rare weakness in the first leg. “Rudiger eats Haaland,” the Spanish newspaper AS wrote.

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And according to “Marca”, Haaland was not “present” and only got three points out of ten possible points. Even goalkeeper Ederson surpassed his 21 touches and 13 pass passes.

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