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Hack Judenburg: There were visions and aspirations for the big anniversary

Hack Judenburg: There were visions and aspirations for the big anniversary

The 50th anniversary of HAK Judenburg was celebrated with a party, many guests of honor, many alumni and deep visionaries.

Godenburg. in conjunction with one holiday HAK Judenburg gave an obligatory look into the past promise for the future far. Currently students can choose from the ‘Europe HAK’, ‘Start-up HAK’ and ‘Digital Business’ branches. “We have constantly developed branches, thus providing future-oriented education,” says the principal. Sonya Hoover.

Lots of graduates

The director has been able to welcome many guests from politics, business, education and culture to 50th anniversary celebrations. pleasant side effects: many of them are graduates of HAK Judenburg anyway. No wonder, in the past 50 years, more than 2,000 students have been guided to the successful Matura.

“We have a very good reputation extraterritorially and continue to be considered a training ground for the economy.”
Sonya HooverDirector of HAK Judenburg

Students design

The guests were able to experience the training at the school up close, as a large part of the ceremony was organized by the students themselves. Nina Stojadinovic And Jacob Glouger Nurturing with teachers Stephen Esser for moderation. Alina Ryder She gave a moving speech that really caused a stir at the Eurolingua European Language Competition. Musical accompaniment provided Connie Moswalder And Uff Habish.

artificial intelligence

The mayor praised that “HAK Judenburg is a successful example of how to combine business with a big heart.” Elk Florian. “Innovative and open-minded,” the deputy added. Bruno Aschenbrenner. The school wants to stay that way in the future, like the teacher Sabine Stolpfrere He explained, “AI is going to change teaching – we have to integrate it in a meaningful way. Students will still have to learn on their own.”

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The look back

With so many future directions, it was necessary to look back. All previous managers were responsible for this: Reinhold GallupAnd Manfred HermannAnd Herma Coleman And Anton Isola Laughter was at their side with their anecdotes. I also talked about Abend-HAK, which has also been a success story for ten years now. The next semester will start in September 2024.

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