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Halo Infinite: 343 Industries Understands Fan Frustration

Halo Infinite: 343 Industries Understands Fan Frustration

infinite aura I got off to a really good start. The free multiplayer game was released in mid-November, just in time to compete against shooter greats like Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty: Vanguard, both of which have been weakening. The rebirth of the arena shooter? After a few months we knew it was just a short “pop-up”. after Campaign launch December 8th. I calmed down. Really quiet.

So far, the number of Halo Infinite players has decreased significantly. It is no longer among the top five of the top Xbox games. Steam (PC) has no more than 10,000 concurrent players, which puts it only in the top 100. Developer 343 Industries is already having trouble releasing new content, especially for multiplayer. The bowler. But the campaign and co-op are still missing. studio community manager Brian Garrardadmitted that the player base is tired of these delays.

Fans are furious: When will Halo Infinite’s new content come?

In a Reddit post, Jarrard responded to a fan that 343 acknowledges the delays are annoyed and needs to keep fans informed as new features are added.

There are indeed many challenges and limitations. We are certainly not happy about not being able to meet the expectations of the players and the community, it is a difficult situation where the team will need time to address. For now, the focus is on the S2 and we’ll have more to share about that in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, a lot of production planning, costing, planning, preparation, etc. happens, which is not really suitable for detailed regular updates. We understand that society’s patience is running out, and to be honest, I think he’s understandably tired of words. We just need some time for the team to sort out the details and then we can definitely share as much as possible.” Brian Garrard On

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The community’s reaction to these words was divided from a 343 Industries employee.

infinite aura: This is what awaits us in the second season. – (C) 343 industries

Halo Infinite: 343 Industries may not have expected content demand…

Visco 0825 It sums it up like this: “They basically admit they have no idea what they’re doing and still planning. Plus, they finally realize they need to hire people to develop Halo. There is no roadmap because there is literally no roadmap. How.. Is this a joke? Does Microsoft, one of the largest and most successful companies, really work this way?”

Tactical twin He indirectly compares Halo Infinite to Fortnite: “It might have been better to create a free-to-play shooter rather than tie the game to a multiplayer game. The reason why Fortnite is so popular is that it gets updated often enough to keep people interested and spending. Meanwhile, it’s still Halo Infinite costs $60, but players can play it through Xbox Game Pass. It’s literally no surprise that they’re in trouble. And shockingly, they didn’t take that into account.”

Many fans also see that 343 Industries management hired many “contract workers” before releasing them in order to fire them again after the release of Halo Infinite. Now 343 is standing there with a smaller team and can’t move on.

Comment: Why is Halo Infinite multiplayer boring for many players?

Like it already Tactical twin Summarize it well: There is always something new happening in Fortnite. Sure, it’s a different game principle, because you always play on the same map, but you get something new every week. There are always new skins, which is not a big deal with Halo Infinite. It doesn’t really matter if another player’s Spartan shield looks cool now. At least not me. Although cat ears are definitely cute. No Mando or Banana Keys jumping around the ring. This is not what I was talking about.

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Basically, 343 Industries should bring new maps, but also some kind of competitive mode. You can’t actually play more than one online match in a row in a multiplayer game. Eventually it gets boring, even if it’s “cool” at first. But this was in beta. 5 months after release, something needs to be done to keep the Halo Infinite community going. The big masterplan is missing. And if you’re still in the “planning phase”, you’ve grown a lot! So don’t expect too much from the second season. The co-op campaign and Forge are said to start in Season 3. Or are you still planning…