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Happy Ending – NBG: “Donations in lieu of Gifts” after a year of record production

Happy Ending – NBG: “Donations in lieu of Gifts” after a year of record production

After an economically bitter 2022, 2023 could end on a more than positive note at the Gmünder NBG Holding Group: according to management, record production will be achieved in the core steel pipe production business of “NBG Tube GmbH”, Tube and “NBG Systems GmbH”. The total turnover is about 16 million euros. On the one hand, employees were rewarded for “really very good performance” of the 96-strong workforce, while at the same time donations were also made for charitable purposes during the Christmas season.

Money for children and last wishes. Last year, the slogan at employee birthdays was “donations instead of gifts.” Instead of a gift, there was a message explaining why birthdays are now used as an opportunity to do good: “Let every birthday be a festive occasion of solidarity and support.” €2,500 was collected and sent to St Anne’s Church. hospital.

Before Christmas, business partners and customers did not receive a gift, but a letter. “We would like to offer you something special today, human warmth and a sense of helpfulness,” the message read. €5,000 went to Wells’ organization Rolling Angels, which has set itself the goal of fulfilling the last wishes of seriously ill people using volunteer staff as well as providing them with medical support. “The money here is used more rationally than buying wine or other things,” says managing director Tom Seidel. As long as he is in charge, he wants to maintain this status with the changing organizations.

An eventful twelve months. As reported, since late autumn 2022, the NBG Group has completed, among other things, the wind-down of the now-vacated empty fiberglass plant, Kubator GmbH and NBG Flexkom, as well as the sale of Digree GmbH. As part of the reorganization, it was reduced to five companies: In addition to a share in sales of the Czech Republic and the United States, “NBG Home GmbH” remained a sales company for products, services and merchandise related to FTTH expansion, and “NBG Home GmbH” remained a sales company. “NBG Tube GmbH” is a production company affiliated with the holding company.

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Law firm Dumfarth Klausberger and Siscon, led by business consultant Wolfgang Fuchs, have joined the holding company as the new owners and are looking into partnership options between the holding company and strategic investors or financial investors.

And: The showroom, in which the areas of activity are tangibly illustrated for guests, was presented in new splendor for a few days after a complete renovation.

More than 17,000 tube kilometers were produced. According to CEO Tom Seidel, NBG Pipe as the heart of the holding company, which also employs 80 out of 96 people, produced more in the year ending than ever before. More than 17,000 kilometers of strong steel tubes (“fibers in metal tubes”), in which fine fiberglass strands are embedded, were manufactured this year. All three systems are fully operational. Together with NBG Systems, we aim to achieve sales of around 16 million euros.

The jobs will be allocated “immediately”. After the year was “well above target”, Seidel also seems very confident about 2024. The trend at the pipe factory continues to rise: three to four additional employees could be put into production “immediately”. – It is not unlikely that the transfers for Christmas 2024 will be greater than those for 2023.