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Harrison Ford would have liked to play George Clooney

Harrison Ford would have liked to play George Clooney

Do you really feel your age?

It’s a lot easier to get old when you get paid the way I am. I never deny my age. I’m 80 years old – and I’m still getting a lot of offers that interest me. Of course it is important at my age to take care of your health and enjoy life. This one is looking for challenges instead of resting on fading glories. For me, every movie is an opportunity to learn something new, by the way, like my hobby, flying.

What do you like more – flying or spinning?

I would be happy to work as a pilot if I don’t find this other job that gives me more money. I love to land on my movie sets.

As a young man you had no interest in the movie.

Bambi spoiled my enjoyment as a kid. And I didn’t go to the movies until I was a teenager, and then for completely different reasons – it was a completely different kind of entertainment.

Are there career decisions you regret?

I refused the films because I was sure that the audience would not accept me as such: “Schindler’s List”, “John F. Kennedy”, “Allen”, “Dick Tracy”. The only thing I regret is: I George ClooneyPart in “Syriana”.

In 2023, you will be in Indiana Jones 5, in the role you first played when you were 39 years old. Are you fit enough?

This is my training and whimsical – running, jumping and fighting sweaty guys. I do it for fun! Otherwise I might have to act or something! We decided from the start that Indiana Jones would always be my age. Most of the time it is not at the level of difficult situations. Herein lies the humor.

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